86 Inch 4K Interactive Display and XL Electric Height Adjust Cart
The E8620 integrates 2mm optically bonded glass into a 86”, 4K interactive display, producing a visually stunning interactive experience. Collaboration is incredibly natural with up to 20 x touch points, while users will enjoy the superior writing and inking performance from the fine-tip passive pen and object recognition which easily identifies between pen, finger and palm for a smooth transition experience. Optimized for Windows 10, the E8620 includes edge swipe functionality, while the anti-glare and anti-fingerprint glass provides a smooth surface that is just like using a giant, 86” tablet. This Bundle also offers Chief's XPD1U XL Electric Height Adjust Cart. Ideal for interactive applications, mounts with electric height adjust capability create better accessibility to technology in the boardroom and the classroom. The height adjustable solution provides 26" (660 mm) of vertical lift. Easy to install. Easy to adjust.
  • 2mm optically bonded glass on a 4K IR display
  • Lightweight and slimline design
  • Ultra-fast 20-points of touch
  • Pen Aware functionality with a fine-tip passive pen
  • Control bar
  • OPS slot functionality
  • Connectivity Options
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