HDX HiPer Lamp House with 2.5 KW Lamp
Offering superior quality in combination with projectors, this HDX HiPer Lamp House with 2.5 KW Lamp is exclusively designed for the Barco HDX projector series. Make sure your projectors are fully functioning to with the best quality lamp house for uninterrupted performance. Perfect for conferences, meetings and other presentation purposes, the lamphouse is equipped with a 2500W high brightness lamp for premium visual quality.
  • HDX HiPer Lamp House supports Barco HDX projector series for high quality presentations.
  • The Barco’s lamp house is supplied with a 2500W bulb lamp to ensure superior performance each time.
  • Perfect for indoor presentation purposes in low light.
  • Often preferred for projectors in offices, event halls, schools, colleges, universities and other such settings.
  • The Barco’s lamp house and high brightness lamp can easily be installed with the help of the equipped installation manual.
  • The accessory is fashioned to replace old and damaged lamphouses and bulbs.
  • Ensure projectors are always ready to use for interrupted presentations and complete functionality.
  • Manufacturer: Barco
  • Category: Lamps
  • SKU:R9801173
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