CS-100 ClickShare - PSAV ACCT
Making the art of content sharing easy and convenient, the CS-100 ClickShare presentation system is the perfect way to lead meetings and conferences. Connecting one on-screen device to the main presentation unit, CS-100 ClickShare shares the content with up to 8 people. It can be connected to all kinds of output devices such as laptops, smartphones, and even tablets. The wireless presentation device can share all kinds of content including documents, browsers, and even cameras for both iOS and Android devices. Easy to use and handle, the presentation system connects to the host systems with a single click only.
  • The CSE 100 ClickShare set includes PSAV ACCT.
  • The user-friendly presentation device has a single-click connection system that is quite easy to use and handle.
  • CSE 100 wireless has one power supply button that allows you to make one on-screen connection with 8 shared connections.
  • Can be connected to all iOS, Android, Mac, and Windows devices for an all-rounder performance.
  • The CSE-100 lets you control all applications on your phone or laptop directly from the broadcasting screen with its touchback and central management system.
  • The presentation system supports HDMI, analog via Audio Jack 3.5mm, and S/PDIF for audio connections and it has an HDMI 1.2 video output.
  • The fanless design of the CSE-100 ensures that it generates no noise and the meetings are never disturbed.
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