EN63 FLDX Lens [1.20 - 1.70: 1]
The Barco’s FLDX lens offers uncompromised image quality for an enhanced visual experience each time. Perfect for meetings, conferences, educational, medical and other presentational purposes, the Barco’s FLDX lens is made to ensure the uninterrupted working of projectors. It offers superior performance in combination with Barco’s F-series projectors. Improved brightness and redefined image quality can be achieved with this replacement lens for projectors.
  • The Barco’s EN63 FLDX Lens offers complete functionality in combination with Barco’s F series projectors.
  • The projector lamp delivers a 1.20 - 1.70: 1 ratio and is optimized for WQXGA resolution, with an encoder.
  • Perfect for projectors often used for meetings, conferences, video interactions, graphical representations, video displays, financial presentations, medical presentations, schooling and much more.
  • The EN63 FLDX Lens ensures premium image quality that remains as sharp and vibrant as before.
  • WUXGA Throw Ratio = 1.12 - 1.58: 1 (F70 W, F90 W)
  • WQXGA 0.90 in. Throw Ratio = 1.20 - 1.70: 1 (F70 4K, F90 4K)
  • WQXGA 0.64 in. Throw Ratio = 1.69 - 2.38: 1
  • Manufacturer: Barco
  • Category: Lenses
  • SKU:R9802242
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