USB / GPIO Interactive Display Controller
BrightSign HD810 USB / GPIO Interactive Display Controller offers advanced interactivity for creating interactive digital signs and kiosks using touch screens, buttons and more. Interactive playlists allow you to easily assign media playback to the interactive control devices. Internal memory can be used to track and capture usage statistics, to better understand how users are interacting with the display. In addition, live video can be mixed in with digital video playback making your signs all the more eye-catching and relevant.
  • USB / GPIO interactive display controller engages audiences with touch screen interactivity
  • Looping HD media playback
  • Interactivity and controls via USB, GPIO and serial ports
  • Touch screens, USB mice, keyboards and speakers, button inputs, lighting controls, projectors
  • Industry standard centralized control systems
  • Interactive playlists with templates for easy implementation
  • HDMI, component and VGA connectivity
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