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The Avocor™ 65” full HD 1080p resolution touch screen includes a built in Intel quad core processor running Windows 10 operating system. This allows you to access, manage and create content, use familiar software packages, browse the Internet and gain access to the Windows store, all in a safe and familiar environment. Available exclusively through Almo, Avocor challenges Authorized Resellers to “take the Avocor challenge” which allows for special Demo Product pricing for a limited time, and allows for a 90-day return of demo product if you are unsatisfied.

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How Can Avocor Help You?


The Avocor F series has been created with Avocor Intelligent Touch using InGlass™ technology, delivering an extremely precise, smooth and accurate writing experience. The perfect tool to improve team communication and group collaboration, the display supports up to 10 simultaneous touch points and is up to five times more responsive than other screen technologies available on the market, meaning there is no more waiting for the ink to catch up with the pen.

Avocor Ultra High-Definition 4K Integrated Visual Platform

InGlass™ Technology
3MM Anti-Glare Tempered Glass
Microsoft Windows 10 Operating System
Advanced Connect and Control Bar
OPS Slot Functionalty Option
2x10 Watt Integrated Speakers


Experience true tablet-like functionality on a large format interactive display.


Connect people regardless of location with cloud based applications such as Skype for Business, Google Hangout, Adobe WebConferencing or Skype, and enhance the experience for those joining remotely.


The F series also incorporates a Microsoft Windows 10 operating system powered by an Intel Quad Core processor, offering a familiar user interface, delivering a solution that is truly walk up and use. Content can be saved and shared in real-time using applications such as PowerPoint, PDF and OneNote, enabling further collaboration as needed.


The Avocor F Series is built on a completely agnostic and flexible platform and is not locked down to proprety software applications meaning that it can be integrated with a whole host of collaboration tools to enable you to creat your ideal collaboration platform. Shipping in 3 sizes ranging from 65-84", the Avocor F series offers a wealth of connectivity options, hardware features and software designed to make it the perfect fit for every meeting and learning environment.