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Ceiling Mount
Model: MP300CM
  • Device Supported: Projector
  • Maximum Load Capacity: 165 lb
  • Application/Usage: Projector
Ultra Short Throw Wall Mount
Model: NP04WK1
  • Device Supported: Projector
  • Features: Tilt
  • Compatibility: <p><b>NEC Ultra Short Throw Projector:</b></p><ul><li>NP-UM330X</li><li>NP-UM330W<br><br></li></ul>
Ceiling Mount
Model: PA600CM
  • Device Supported: Projector
  • Compatibility: <b>NEC Display Projectors:</b> <ul> <li>NP-P502HL</li> <li>NP-P502WL</li> <li>NP-PA521U</li> <li>NP-PA571W</li> <li>NP-PA621X</li> <li>NP-PA622U</li> <li>NP-PA672W</li> <li>NP-PA722X</li> </ul>
  • Country of Origin: China
Portrait Table Top or Ceiling Mount for NP-PX602WL and NP-PX602UL Projectors
Model: PX602ST-CM
  • Device Supported: Projector
  • Compatibility: <b>NEC Projectors:</b><br /> <ul> <li>NP-PX602UL</li> <li>NP-PX602WL</li> </ul>
  • Country of Origin: United States