• No Filters Available
Security Fast-pack
Model: ACC-M835
  • Screw kits needed for specific mounts
  • These have longer screw than the ones that come standard with the mount
  • Additional accessory kit needed with some models
Video Conferencing Camera Shelf
Model: ACC-VCS
  • Display adaptor not included
  • Vertical height adjustability
  • Attaches directly to adaptor mount of the SmartMount SR carts and SS stands
Accessory Shelf For use with FPZ-600 Flat Panel Stand
Model: ACC325
  • 25 lb (11kg) weight load capacity
  • Easily adjustable along vertical poles to achieve desired component height
  • For use with FPZ-600 Flat Panel Stand
Media Player Shelf
Model: ACC340
  • Compatible with both DS-VWS546-2X2 and FPZ-600
  • Multiple strapping options avoid cable connection interference
  • Included strap safely secures the media player to the shelfq