Configure and Program Control Systems Throughout the US, Latin America, and The Caribbean


Scaling your staff to meet customer demands is a constant challenge for integrators & installers. That’s why Almo has expanded its offerings to include control system programming services—when and where you need it. Meet customer demand on time and on budget. Our reseller partners can white label our services as their own, creating a seamless experience for the end user. Our Almo CONTROL staff is experienced, highly trained and follow a well vetted scope of work, created with your assistance and input from your Customer.

Our Process

Discovery Needs assessment & scope of work completed

Initiation Secure online project tracking set up and coding interface delivered to client

Coding Monitor the process while programming is conducted

Testing Client tests system operation

Approval System operation is approved by client

Deployment Programming is deployed to live client system

When to use Almo CONTROL Services for a project

¿Desea ingresar en la industria de los sistemas de control pero no cuenta con programadores? ¿Está dejando pasar trabajos rentables y su competencia los toma? Consulte por Almo CONTROL si su proyecto:

  • Outside your normal service area
  • Not your core competency
  • Has a skill set outside your staff’s expertise
  • New to control systems programming
  • The project requires a certified programmer that you do not have on staff
  • Requires more labor than your current staff can handle

Control the Future of Your Business

Complete control system configuration and programming to your suite of design and installation offerings adds a whole new dimension to your business.
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What systems can Almo CONTROL help deploy?

Almo uses a team approach when deploying your project, resulting in an efficient and problem free completion of the project.

AMX Rapid Project Maker (RPM)

For a quick turnaround project at a very affordable price, we recommend AMX’s configurable system. We can take you through process of setting up your technology quickly, easily and reliably.

AMX Custom Projects

For more complex implementations of AMX’s awardwinning products–spanning control and automation, switching, distributed audio and video, and technology management–custom programming may be the solution for your customer.

ClearOne DSP

Our team of expert programmers will make sure that your audio systems are tuned and configured to produce the best quality sound for your space(s).


Crestron’s automation and control solutions for homes and buildings let people control entire environments with the push of a button, integrating systems such as AV, lighting, shading, security, BMS and HVAC to provide greater comfort, convenience and security.